Komrads: Trashpackers goes for sustainable fashion! (27-02-2020)

Tijmen Sissing, a Dutchman from Trashpackers, loves to inspire people by passing on the message: “there’s no such thing as waste”. He united a community of backpackers & locals from all over the world. Together they try to collect 100.000 bin bags every year. We were utterly pleased to hear that Tijmen is fond of our sustainable sneakers, made out of apple leather and recycled materials. But Tijmen is not just any sneakerhead…

Recycled Fashion all the way

In the picture above Tijmen (on the left) is wearing a tailored suit made from old jeans by Dutch Spirit. His Healthy Seas socks are made from recycled fishnets. The recycled fashion-goodness doesn’t end there… He’s also wearing a T-shirt and boxers made from bamboo. Last but not least, to make his outfit complete, he’s wearing our Komrads APL sneakers.

Tijmen (aka the OG Trashpacker) dreams of making his own backpacks out of apple leather. He even has a name in mind: instead of a backpack he would call it “a Trashpack” (since that word is pretty much his trademark).

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