Coulisse loves Trashpackers! (New Partnership!)

‘The way Trashpackers wants to make the world a healthier and cleaner place is a true inspiration
for us at Coulisse. In order to support their global growth, we will donate part of our turnover in
sustainable roller blind fabric Eco Essence to Trashpackers,’ says Maurice Roetgering, owner of

Coulisse has been a leading fashion brand in window coverings for over 25 years. The Dutch
company is known worldwide for its unique approach of window coverings in which design,
innovation and inspiration are key. Since last year, the company set out a new course: ‘not only be
the best OF the world, but also the best FOR the world’. One of the steps towards this goal was the
production of Eco Essence; a roller blind fabric made of 100% recycled PET bottles. The production
of this award winning roller blind fabric reduces the amount of plastic waste in the world and at the
same time ensures that fewer new materials enter the environment.

“The reason we endorse Coulisse is because they share our circular values, Coulisse for example
uses upcycled waste in their roller blind fabrics. The essence of our partnership is our shared
motivation: to contribute to a better, cleaner world by converting plastic waste into valuable
products. This first requires a transition in the awareness that trash is not just trash, but that it can
be a raw material from which valuable products are manufactured.”

To help cut down plastic waste in every possible way, Coulisse, as Trashpackers’ main sponsor,
donates part of its global turnover in Eco Essence to the cause. Coulisse wishes us all the best on
our new mission: ‘Let’s collect 100.000 bags of waste in a year!’

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