SCUBA #junglepicup CAT TIEN – Part of the SCUBA #picuptrip

Finished on: 11/12/2018

Location: Green Bamboo Lodge, Nam Cát Tiên, Tân Phú District, Dong Nai, Vietnam

Event story

The second event of the SCUBA #picuptrip went much better than expected!

At the meeting point we started with just 4 volunteers - so we thought that maybe the event would be smaller than our first clean in Ho Chi Minh City BUT during the clean we had lots of other local people from Cat Tien join us so we ended with 11 volunteers and cleaned up MORE than we did in HCMC!

It was a pure show of inspiration particularly since 100% of the Vietnamese had never participated in a clean event before but they were tired of their spaces being littered.

What was sad was that through the periodical flooding and retreating of the river height lots of plastic waste was caught in branches all along the river banks and contained in pools in the waterfalls within the National park.

More will have to be cleaned in this area but I don't doubt that the local peoples will take to the streets again arm in arm and fight for the beauty of their surroundings and to protect the waterways and the ocean downstream.

A big shout out to Green Bamboo Hostel for their kindness, the passionate willingness of their staff and for letting us promote the event with a stand inside their property.

The final result was 11 bags collected and the top offender was plastic food and sweet packaging - we also found a lot of fishing nets which had floated down river and got caught on the banks!

Good luck to all on their cleans and we'll see you in Dalat!

Amount of bags collected

11 binbags collected

Photo of collected bags

amount of bags collected