After my first cleanup

Finished on: 25/06/2018

Location: Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia

Event story

Terimakasi everybody in Lahad Datu!

Yesterday i started with cleaning up the waterside in this cute town Lahad Datu and i've cleaned 14 bin bags in a few hours. Appartently that went viral on social media. A local made a video of what i was doing and that video had more than 250.000 views in one day!

Because of everybody that helped with spreading this video, i received a lot of help! This morning i arrived at the same waterside to continue cleaning and there were 2 machines cleaning plus around 10 people that helped me picking up trash. I was flabbergasted! :D
We even had enough manpower to clean another waterside just around the corner (see the before and after pictures). We've collected over 45 bags of trash. Those 2 trucks on the picture were both filled up! :D
So a big thanks to everyone that made this happen (and thanks for the man that sponsored the softdrinks to us :p !). Thanks for all your appreciation, but i hope you guys realize that all the appreciation should go to the cleaners that doing this job everyday.

There is a lot of work to do to clean the world. It's a complicated situation. I'll try my best to find the right people, to have a bigger impact!

Let's keep the snowball rolling!:)

Jaga kebersihan alam sekitar kita <3

Amount of bags collected

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